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EPSB and ATA certified teachers

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Open door philosophy

Curriculum exceeds EPSB standards

Science experiments and special guests

Preparation for formal school setting

Cogito and Montessori inspired learning

Ages 3-5

Tax deductible

A Strong Start is Critical for Continued Future Success

“A child’s brain grows the most during the first five years of life. By the age of 5, the brain has reached approximately 90 percent of its adult size. At this stage, the brain develops important pathways that allow children to learn, move and establish memory. The strength of these important connections is built on interaction, close attachment with caregivers and a child’s environment”.

— Nia Gerd-Harris, New York Times Parenting

The Teacher-Taught Program And Philosophy Of Preschool Scholars

Welcome to a new, inviting, friendly, modern, high-quality and tech-savvy preschool in the beautiful and diverse community of Silverberry!  Owned and operated by a highly experienced, fully qualified Edmonton Public Schools teacher, Preschool Scholars provides a leading edge program that fits the unique learning needs of all children, to not only prepare them for success in Kindergarten, but for continuous academic leadership in the years to come.  Our program by design exceeds all minimum quality standards across a variety of attributes such as emotional, social, physical, creative, and intellectual developmental needs.
Preschool Scholars believes diversity of social, cultural, and linguistic perspectives strengthens the learning environment.  This diversity, our positive and fun learning environment, along with our Montessori-inspired and play-based teaching program drives the best learning and development outcome for your child. With experience teaching mainstream kindergarten and Cogito kindergarten, we understand the upcoming programs, and students are prepared accordingly for school. We work closely with parents to define expectations and set goals in order to collaboratively work to achieve and exceed them. We look forward to welcoming your child to a strong foundation to prepare them for their crucial first few years of school life and give them the start they deserve!

Our Mission

We strive to be recognized as a leader in the community, providing a safe learning environment that meets the needs of all students. We develop a love for learning and support academic success for everyone in our preschool program.

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